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The Injection Blend – Now fair trade & organic

Posted by Kim Boyd on

We are excited to announce that after some great work from the roasting team, our Injection blend is now fair trade, organic and tasting better than ever!

This coffee has a heavy velvety body with a low, delicate acidity and makes a robust black coffee and full-bodied milk drink. It has an aroma of spice and malt, flavours of dark chocolate, cloves and nutmeg and a dark cocoa finish.

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Spring is Here; So Are Our Delicious Vegetable Fritters.

Posted by Tay-Lann Mark on

Our kitchen is cooking up fresh and tasty eats for Spring. Try our new carrot, chickpea, & chilli fritter. Topped with hummus, roast mushroom, rosemary potato and sweet red onion. Served warm with a  dollop of  yoghurt. Gluten-free and can be dairy free too without the yogurt. Available in Wellington cafes starting October 4.

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