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Finca Buenos Aires, Colombia

Finca Buenos Aires, Colombia

Finca Buenos Aires, Colombia


Region: Quindio 
Altitude: 1650masl 
Varietal: Castillo 
Process: EF2 - Anaerobic Fermentation 


This experimental coffee, sourced from Finca Buenos Aires, Colombia, has undergone extended fermentation and has notes of strawberry, watermelon and bitter orange. 


Grown by producer Jairo Arcila, this coffee has gone through an experimental process titled EF2 to create a unique flavour profile.  


EF2 - a process created by Jairo Arcila’s sons, Felipe and Carlos Arcila - makes use of both Aerobic and Anaerobic fermentation methods. Coffee cherries are aerobically fermented for 24 hours to increase body and sweetness before being stored in airtight bags and goes through several stages of anaerobic fermentation to producer lighter, fruitier tones associated with Anaerobic fermentation. 


Roasted for filter brew methods such as pour-over, Delter press or plunger.