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Finca El Libano, Colombia

Finca El Libano, Colombia

Finca El Libano, Colombia


Region: Gaitania, Tolima 
Altitude: 1800masl  
Varietal: San Bernardo 
Process: Natural  

 This unique naturally processed San Bernardo varietal has a light body with notes of Assam black tea and clove. 

Producer Javier Rubio and his brother Hector have grown this coffee on their 5.5 hectare farm alongside 15 different native trees as they look over the preservation of the region’s flora and fauna. This particular varietal, San Bernardo, is a natural mutation of the Typica varietal and originated in Guatemala. The varietal is still rare to come by in Colombia since it lacks the disease resistance and high yields of Castillo and Colombia varietals. 

Nevertheless, the flavour profile of this varietal is very unique and complex. 


Roasted for filter brew methods such as pour-over, Delter press or plunger.