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Finca El Roble, Honduras

Finca El Roble, Honduras

Finca El Roble, Honduras


Region: Montecillos, Guajiquiro
Altitude: 1600 masl 
Varietal: Catimor
Process: Natural

This natural Honduran coffee was grown by producer Jonathan Sanchez in the south western municipality of Guajiquiro and has rich flavours that remind us of dark chocolate, walnut and cacao.

Jonathan Sanchez, together with his family, grows coffee up in the mountains of Montecillos. When harvest season begins, he will hire up to ten pickers to help select only the ripest cherries. El Roble literally means “The Oak” in Spanish.

Jonathan named his two-hectare farm “Finca El Roble” inspiration from the oak, which itself is strong and resistant, and his work has to be the same, to be able to provide strength and protection to his family.


This lot was being processed using the natural method. After a preliminary selection, the cherries were left to dry for weeks on the patios and canvas, where they were regularly racked and flatten to maintain homogeneity.

Roasted for methods such as espresso, stovetop or plunger.