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Finca La Divisa, Colombia

Finca La Divisa, Colombia

Finca La Divisa, Colombia


Region: Quindio 
Altitude: 1800masl 
Varietal: Pink Bourbon 
Process: EF2 – Anaerobic Fermentation 

 This unique Pink Bourbon micro lot is from producer Sebastian Gomez at Finca La Divisa and has been grown in the southern region of Quindio. This varietal is still under research however it is believed to be a natural mutation first occurring in Huila, Colombia.

 This coffee has been processed using an extended fermentation method, resulting in notes of raspberry jam, bergamot and brown sugar. 

EF2 – a process created by Jairo Arcila’s sons, Felipe and Carlos Arcila – makes use of both Aerobic and Anaerobic fermentation methods. Coffee cherries are aerobically fermented for 24 hours to increase body and sweetness before being stored in airtight bags and goes through several stages of anaerobic fermentation to producer lighter, fruitier tones associated with Anaerobic fermentation. 


Roasted for filter brew methods such as Plunger, Pour over or Aeropress.