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Shankwene, Ethiopia

Shankwene, Ethiopia

Shankwene, Ethiopia


Region: Bensa, Ethiopia 
Altitude: 1980-2200masl 
Varietal: Ethiopian Landraces
Process: Natural

The Shankwene coffee station is the only woman-owned producer in the Bensa region. Meslech Tube Yako left her government job over 10 years ago and planted this area with a number of different varieties that were protected against drought and insect damage.

Her husband Merkuria Alemu is an agronomist by trade so they work together on the farm constantly improving the quality of their coffee.

This particular lot of landrace varieties has been naturally processed and the fruity characteristics remind us of fresh strawberries and blueberries


Roasted for filter brew methods such as Plunger, Pour over or Aeropress.