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Covid-19 updates

Kia ora Mojo Customers

Store Hours 

Welcome back! All of our staff are fully vaccinated, and we are operating with vaccine passes, so all Mojo cafes are open and operating under all Traffic Light settings.

Our focus is to keep both our customers and our staff safe.

Roastery & Online Store

Our Online Store and Roastery are both operating during all Covid-19 Alert Levels. We're still here, doing what we do best — roasting, blending and shipping, so you can get freshly roasted coffee delivered straight to your home. 



Keeping Everyone Safe

To be able to operate with the least restriction under the Traffic Light system, we operate with Vaccine Passes.

Vaccination and My Vaccine Pass
Customers will be asked to present their Vaccine Pass for our staff to sight on ordering or sitting down.

It may be a little inconvenient to present your pass every time you visit, but please remember our team members have to follow the rules.

To speed things up, please have your Vaccine Pass convenient/close to hand when you visit our cafes.

Mandatory Contact Tracing
Please scan the QR code on the NZ COVID Tracer app, or manually sign in when you visit. Please follow this at all traffic light settings.

Ordering and Payment
You can pay by payWave, eftpos, or with your Mojo app. We do not accept cash, for both safety and speed of service.

Reusable Cups
We are very happy to make your coffee in your reusable cup but please make sure it’s clean. Hang on to your lid, to reduce handling. If you like, you can also borrow one of our reusable Again Again cups for a small fee, which is refunded when you return the cup.

Wear a Mask or Face Covering

At Red and Orange settings, masks/face coverings are required for customer-facing workers, and are encouraged for customers while not sitting down.

Thank you for your continued support! We are so glad that we can serve you again.

Kia Kaha New Zealand!