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Kiamwangi AA, Kenya

Kiamwangi AA, Kenya

Kiamwangi AA, Kenya


Region: Nyeri, Kenya
Altitude: 1700masl
Varietal: SL28, Riuru 11 & Batian
Process: Washed

This fully washed blend of Kenyan varietals a tea-like juicy body with notes of mandarin zest and rose water


On the scenic Kenyan highlands, coffee is harvested during winter. Numerous families of small producers harvest the ripe cherries, by hand, and resell them at the Kiamwangi processing station.

Entirely processed by hand and with fresh water, the batches are stripped and left to ferment and subsequently washed for at least 24 hours before drying up to 10 days.

Roasted for brew methods such as filter, plunger and delter press.