Espresso Machine Restart after Lockdown


Follow the steps to start machine safely and check operation of the machine:

Before starting the machine, have a quick external check for any leaks. 

Step 1: Water 

a) Turn water supply back on 

b) Check for any leaks around filter and machine 

c) Flush Filter: If possible, it is best to flush water through the water filter for around 3 minutes to remove any stale water from filter. This is preferred but can be tricky to do depending on where the filter is located and what hoses you have going to the machine from filter. Make sure water supply before filter is turned off. Undo hose connection between filter and machine anplace in drain or bucket Turn on filter gently and flush for around 3 minutes. Re-connect hoses and check for leaks 

Step 2: Electrical 

Turn on machine depending on your machine type:

Single Rocker Type Switch: turn machine on and let it fill and then heat up. 

Two Step Switches: Turn to position one first and let machine fill with water, then switch to position 2 and let it heat up. 

Machines usually take around 20 mins to heat up. 


Step 3 – Checking Machine 

a) While machine is heating up, run some water through the group heads to check they are working okay. 

b) Check pump pressure gauge is moving when pump is engaged. They should move up to around 8-9 bar. 

c) Check there is no leaks from the drain hose. 

d) Once machine is heated up check steam wands are working and the hot water tap is working. 

e) Run water through groupheads again and check that flowrates and volumes are similar 

f) Listen for any leaks from the machine  


Your machine should be ready to go! If you have any question please feel free to call.