How to compost our bags at home

Our new packaging is made from 2 different compostable films (that are laminated together to lock in the freshness) sourced fromsustainably produced wood pulp and BioPBS film, which is certified by TUV Austria OK Home Compostable and Industrial.

Our bags break down faster when disposed of in composting environments with great combos of warmth, moisture, nitrogen and carbon – commercial composters in New Zealand have these ideal controlled environments. However, our bags will still break down in a home compost bin, it just may take a little bit longer.

Step 1

Once you have emptied your bag of beans or freshly ground coffee into an airtight container, remove the label and valve on the back ofthe packaging, and place into your regular landfill bin.

As noted above, both the label and valve are compostable but at a much slower rate, so we recommend removing before composting. 


Step 2

Then cut up the packaging with scissors before you place in the compost, to speed up the process.