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Sponsorships & partnerships

Mojo works alongside several organisations throughout New Zealand. We love getting involved with events, unique projects and companies that share our values in making a real difference in the community 

The Neonatal Trust

The Neonatal Trust hold a special place in Mojo’s heart. This small not-for-profit organisation provides support to families of premature or sick full-term babies as they make their journey through neonatal care, the transition home, and onwards.

Support is given through many channels such as the provision of Care Packs on entry to a unit, morning teas to bring families and experts together, provision of equipment for family use in the units, post-discharge playgroups and coffee mornings. We provide coffee for the Neonatal Trust team and have raised tens of thousands of dollars through our heart cookie fundraisers, used-phone collection, gift baskets and other initiatives. This relationship has been on-going for more than a 15 years.

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Tear fund

Mojo Coffee has been buying coffee from Tanna Island, Vanuatu, for five years; it's a small coffee growing region which is incredibly important to us. We see relationships, mutual support and quality coffee development as some of the many benefits in trading with our close neighbour.

Mojo has been sourcing raw green coffee from Talao Coffee, a co-operative run in conjunction with local NGO, Nasi Tuan, since 2016. In 2019, Andrew Findlay from Tearfund NZ reached out to Mojo to see if we could do more to help.

See our journal post for more information.

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Wellington Free Ambulance

Wellington Free and Mojo have worked together for nearly five years now. Wellington Free provides first aid training for many Mojo staff so they know what to do in an emergency, and Mojo provides coffee to the central paramedic station in Thorndon.

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DCM – formerly the Downtown Community Ministry – has been working in Wellington since the 1960s. It’s mission is to focus on the needs of and to help empower the marginalised. Mojo’s partnership with DCM is still quite new, having begun in 2018. All unused coffee is donated to DCM as well as free on-loan coffee making equipment so people can enjoy a hot coffee when they arrived. All unused café equipment is also donated to help people moving into a home.

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Other initiatives

We also have worked alongside many other initiatives such as TEDxWellington, TEDx Auckland, Auckland Fair, Webstock, WOAP and Semi Permanent.  

For the Love of bees

For the Love of Bees inspire collaborative participation in the regeneration of the planet, sparked by their shared love for bees. We provide used coffee grinds, compostable cups and our cafes spaces to assist in their mission of creating city gardens. You are always welcome to pick up a bag of used coffee grinds, which come in our compostable grind bags, from our cafes for your home garden compost.

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