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We can all do our part to make sure we look after the environment. From going to the supermarket with a reusable shopping bag to using public transport or cycling instead of taking the car. Mojo is working towards being a cleaner, greener business by working on these initiatives.

Our New compostable bags

Our 250g retail bags are made from natural compostable materials that are suitable for home composting. Our Coffee Q Graders have tested them to ensure our coffee maintains the same freshness and taste. Once open, we still recommend storing your coffee in an airtight container away from direct light to keep it fresh for longer. Both the valve and label will compost, but at a slower rate, so we recommend removing them before home composting. Our 1kg and 3kg bags will remain the same for now, but we are working on a solution to make all our bags home compostable in the near future. Our team are excited to have nailed the next step in compostable packaging! We know there is room for improvement but we think it is a significant improvement on our old bags. If you have any feedback about our new compostable bags, we'd love to hear from you. Please email with your feedback.

Commercially compostable cups & lids

Mojo uses Innocent packaging for its takeaway coffee cups, lids, straws and other takeaway packaging. In most of the Mojo cafes there are bins for people to dispose of their takeaway cups and lids. The cups and lids are commercially compostable and the bins are regularly collected and taken to a commercial composter. All cups, lids, cutlery and cold drink cups are 100% made from plants.

innocent packaging

powered by ecotricity

Ecotricity is a carboNZero certified electricity provider. This means that all emissions are measured and offset. Ecotricity is sourced from 100% renewable resources such as wind, solar, hydro. Mojo switched to Ecotricity for the majority of its cafes in 2018. Since then Mojo has saved over 64 tonnes of carbon emissions.


Again Again Reusable Cup System

Mojo is the major partner of Again Again, a cup lending service that completely eliminates single use waste from the coffee process. When you order a takeaway coffee and ask for an Again Again cup, you pay a bond deposit of $2.50 for the cup, or $3 for the cup and lid. 

Again Again

We Compost Dump Bags

We've swapped out plastic dump bags with compostable ones. We’ve partnered with a New Zealand supplier WeCompost who provides plant-based compostable dump bags (aka tube liners). These compostable bags will break down in home and commercial composting. 

We Compost

Milk without the plastic bottles

We use a milk dispensing unit, also know as The Juggler, in our larger cafes to reduce plastic usage by 80%. The unit senses the exact quantity of milk needed which assists with reducing milk wastage. 

Water bottles made from plants

Mojo choose to use Better Bottles provided by For The Better Good when customers are in need of a bottle of water. Better Bottles are made from plants and are reusable and compostable. We are a part of FTBG's system where consumers can come in to refill there bottles, saving numerous single use alternatives, as well as return them when they are done. The returned bottles are then collected for composting, making the bottles regenerative and waste-free. In addition, we provide FTBG with coffee husks, a bi-product of roasting coffee, which is used to assist the composting process.  

Bottles Made from Plants

For the Love of Bees

For the Love of Bees inspire collaborative participation in the regeneration of the planet, sparked by their shared love for bees. We provide used coffee grinds, compostable cups and our cafes spaces to assist in their mission of creating city gardens. You are always welcome to pick up a bag of used coffee grinds, which come in our compostable grind bags, from our cafes for your home garden compost.

For the love of bees