Terms and Conditions for Mojo Gift Cards & Vouchers

Mojo Coffee gift cards and coffee vouchers are redeemable at any New Zealand Mojo Coffee cafe unless otherwise stipulated on the voucher.  Gift cards can be redeemed for any product on sale within all physical (retail) Mojo cafes.  Our vouchers 'Have a Cup on Us' or 'Buy One Regular Coffee and We'll Shout You a Second' are only valid for hot drinks.  Gift cards and vouchers are not valid with any other offer, are not redeemable for cash and cannot be redeemed on the Mojo Coffee eStore.

Please be aware that our gift cards have an expiry date (one year [365 days] after issue date) which means they cannot be used after a certain time period. We will however honour gift cards and vouchers for an additional 10 days after the expiry date (we understand, we all get busy and lose track of time sometimes!)  Gift cards or vouchers are not redeemable for cash during the valid period or after the expiry date. 

Mojo Coffee reserves the right to deny vouchers after the expiry date and/or if the voucher is perceived to be falsely reproduced and/or the barcode has been tampered with.

Gift cards or vouchers are not entitled to change (change defined as: remaining amount not used on gift card) if the recipient doesn’t spend the full amount.  For this reason it may be worth considering buying several cards of smaller denominations to make up the gift amount, rather than one card with the full sum.  Splitting the value like this also helps if the recipient loses one of the cards, as there is no automatic right for replacement of any lost or stolen gift card or voucher.  There is a minimum credit load for each gift card and cannot be less than $10 NZD.  In the case where gift cards and vouchers are ordered online; payment of gift cards and vouchers only guarantees the shipment out to the address provided.  We do not accept any responsibility for parcels that are not received.  This said, it is our standard practice to track via courier all gift cards and vouchers.

If you're having any issues redeeming gift cards, we are happy to help.  Please contact info@mojo.coffee and we will respond promptly.