New Single Origins

New Single Origins

We talk to Clare Kearney, Head Roaster here at Mojo, about the current single origin coffee on offer in our cafés this month...

We have some new single origin coffee from Guatemala, Burundi and Nicaragua available in cafés for the next few months and I’m excited to share a little more about the coffee.

Along with Dr. Mojo's Medicine, what is the current espresso offering? 

C: We have the Finca El Diamante from Huehuetenango, Guatemala. 

The Finca El Diamante farm is located in the highland region, Huehuetenango (so fun to pronounce!), which translates to ‘the place of the ancients’. This region is known for their rich and fruity coffees.
We source the beans from Patricia Perez, who’s micro lot produces rich tropical fruit and syrupy tasting coffee. Her farm sits at an altitude of 1950m in the sub-region of Agua Dulce (Sweet Water). We roast this yellow caturra varietal coffee on the lighter side of an espresso roast to keep origin flavours at the forefront. When taking a closer look at the green coffee (aka. unroasted), this coffee shines out as clean, odourless and well processed.

Steampunk is a filter-style coffee served in select Mojo Cafés- which coffees are you roasting for this method? 

C: We have two coffees on offer for the Steampunks; Yandaro from Kayanza, Burundi and Finca Varias from Matagalpa, Nicaragua...

The Yandaro single origin is a red bourbon varietal coffee from the Yandaro Station Hill in Burundi. Coffee cherries are collected from 441 different Kayanza province farms and sun-dried on raised beds to provide even slow drying which increases sweetness and body. Unlike most countries, Burundi doesn’t have coffee estates, instead, coffee is produced by many small-holder farmers and the coffee is collected at coffee washing stations. The area’s volcanic soil and altitude of 1774m, bring an apricot aroma with notes of grapefruit, a smooth body and a cocoa finish to the cup. Upon green (unroasted) evaluation this coffee has minimal defects, is odourless and shows good African processing techniques in its raw form.

I’m roasting the beans at a low temperature for longer to build sweetness for a filter style coffee.

The other single origin offering is Finca Varias from the Matagalpa coffee-growing region in Nicaragua. A hybrid varietal from Pacamara and Maracaturra trees creates this jumbo bourbon coffee. This varietal is full bodied with soft, delicate acidic tones. The humid tropical climate of Matagalpa’s mountainous forest brings a white peach aroma with maple syrup and mango to the cup. On a green evaluation, this coffee stands out for its extreme size, light in odour with even colour throughout the green beans. Temperature is carefully controlled throughout the roast to maintain its balance and body without sacrificing its delicate acidity. 

Try out our latest single origin offerings at your nearest Mojo café, today! 
Steampunk Wellington stores: Aurora Terrace, Spark Central, Market Lane, Origins Lambton Quay, Pōneke by Mojo. 


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