What's Brewing: Rukago CWS (Washed), Burundi

What's Brewing: Rukago CWS (Washed), Burundi
Our current in-store single origin offering for our espresso and filter brews is from the Rukago coffee washing station (CWS), Burundi.

This washed coffee, from the Rukago Coffee Washing Station (CWS), has a syrupy body with notes of sultana and baking spice. 

Bordered by Rwanda, the Kayanza region is known for its production of specialty coffee in Burundi. The Rukago CWS works with local farmers and sources Red Bourbon cherries from the four surrounding hills. Volcanic soils, high rainfall and high altitudes help with the consistent quality of coffee from the Rukago CWS. 

The station, managed by Sinabajije Abdoul Karim, traditionally hand sorts the cherries before fermenting for up to 24 hours and dried on raised African beds. 

Roasted for filter brew methods such as pour-over, Delter press or plunger. 


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