Our Coffee Cups Can Be Composted Again!

Our Coffee Cups Can Be Composted Again!

In August, Wellington City Council stopped taking all compostable cups into their compost.

We couldn’t just sit around knowing that our cups were going back into the landfill. So, we've collaborated with Kaicycle and The Tiny Plastics Factory to trial a new way to compost our cups! We're only testing this out in a few stores for now, but if it works, we plan to roll out on a bigger scale, as part of our transition toward a circular economy. We'll keep you posted on how we go! Together, we're finding a way to reduce landfill waste & grow food.

Our PLA coffee cup lids will now be recycled into 3D printer filament by The Tiny Plastic Factory, and the cups will go to Kaicycle, a community-scale composting project based in Newtown. 


Kaicycle is an Urban Farming and Community Composting experiment in Wellington. They turned their first sod in 2015 and have been growing soil ever since. They use regeneration first principles and believe healthy soil builds resilient and happy communities. They are on a mission to see communities recycling their organic waste and growing nutrient-dense food in every suburb in Pōneke. We're pretty excited about working alongside the friendly and passionate team at Kaicycle.


The Tiny Plastic Factory
The Tiny Plastic Factory's purpose is to reduce harm to the environment from conventional plastic product life cycles and pollution. They operate a plastic management system that works with businesses to recycle their plastic, collecting locally by bicycle and supplying quality recycled material nationwide. All of the plastic collected by The Tiny Plastic Factory is processed right here in Wellington City, ensuring none of it ends up polluting the environment.



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