How to brew a Moccamaster

How to brew a Moccamaster

So you've acquired a shiny new and very beautiful Moccamaster and want to make your first brew. Follow these simple, step by step instructions for the perfect brew, every time!

1: Gather what you’ll need: Moccamaster (we're using a 10 cup), 1x pack of filters for the size of Moccamaster you have, 60 grams of coffee, cold tap water.

2: Dampen the filter with tap water, discarding the excess then line the top of Moccamaster- it should fit perfectly if you have the right size.

3: Weigh out 60 grams of coffee beans. Grind for filter or ask your barista to.

4: Tip the coffee grinds into the filter paper.

5: Fill the clear tray with cold tap water to the 10 cup mark and start the brewer by flicking the switch at the front of your Moccamaster (red light will turn on).

6: Sit back and watch! Wait for the water to boil and automatically pour into the coffee grounds.

7: When all the water has left the tray and passed into the glass jar, turn off the machine. You'll know when the tap head stops dripping.

8: Enjoy whilst hot! 

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