Logan is Competing at This Years NZ Barista Champs 2019

Logan is Competing at This Years NZ Barista Champs 2019

It’s that time of year and our top baristas are getting ready to compete in the Meadow Fresh New Zealand Barista Championships 2019! This year Logan will be competing again! We caught up with him at The Beanery to hear how he's feeling.

What coffee are you using in your competition and why?

L: I'll be using a naturally processed coffee from the farm Finca Linares in Risaralda, Colombia. This farm is a great example of future-proofing farms due to its simple yet effective processing methods and the use of rust-resistant varietals. The flavours really stood out for me.

Describe the process in preparing for the competition? How do you feel?

L: Each year gets easier (not that its ever easy). Usually when the idea of competing is still in its early stages, I'll come across a coffee that I thoroughly enjoy and that starts the whole process off. From there, it's just experimenting with the coffee and understanding it better.

What inspired you to compete this year?

L: I wanted to build on last year - I felt I grasped a good idea of the state of the coffee industry and the role of specialty coffee in it. I also really enjoy throwing myself into learning about individual farms. In terms of people, Aymon McQuade has always been someone I look up to since he introduced me to specialty coffee while I was working at Te Papa Tongarewa. His views on the specialty coffee industry and the hospitality industry in general has always been in-line with my own.

We'll be catching up with Danny and Bill, Mojo baristas who will also be competing in this years Meadow Fresh Barista Championships 2019. So stay tuned! 

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