The Injection Blend – Now fair trade & organic

The Injection Blend – Now fair trade & organic

We are excited to announce that after some great work from the roasting team, our Injection blend is now fair trade, organic and tasting better than ever!

This coffee has a heavy velvety body with a low, delicate acidity and makes a robust black coffee and full-bodied milk drink. It has an aroma of spice and malt, flavours of dark chocolate, cloves and nutmeg and a dark cocoa finish.

The blend is comprised of coffees from 3 cooperatives from Peru, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Mexico. All of these coffees are certified Fairtrade and organic at the point of origin and are all washed process.

Through the support of the Fairtrade and organic certifying organisations, the cooperatives are able to support one another and improve their livelihoods by working together as a community. Financial support is invested into tools and equipment that can improve work efficiencies as well as assisting getting product to market. Other money is put towards communities through investment in education and crop development as well as clean water facilities, infrastructure and healthcare.


The Peruvian co-op, COOPARM, has 486 small-scale coffee producers in the province of Rodríguez de Mendoza, in northern Peru. Coffee is grown on mixed crop, small family farms, which have on average 2 hectares planted in coffee. The farms sit 1300-2000masl and grow a combination of Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Catuai and Catimor varietals. Cherries are then wet processed at either the farm or processing station.


Based in Purosa, Okapa of the Eastern Highland Province, Papua New Guinea, the Highlands Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC) uses traditional methods and hand pulpers to process their coffee. At 1300-1750masl, the Bourbon, Typica, Monda nova and Caturra varietals are washed, fermented then dried on raised African beds. This cooperative is also the oldest Fairtrade organisation in the Pacific.


Founded in 1984, the San Fernando cooperative of 1202 members, is spread across 9 municipalities and 50 communities in the Chiapas state of Mexico. Catimor, Castillo, improved Bourbon and Typica are all grown at 1200-1700masl and washed processed on the farm. Both Fairtrade and Certimex (an organic certification) are held by the cooperative. They have also worked hard over the years to run their own nurseries and to improve tree density to 3000 trees per hectare in the area.


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