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How to brew a Moccamaster

Posted by Rosa Friend on

So you've acquired a shiny new and very beautiful Moccamaster and want to make your first brew. Follow these simple, step by step instructions for the perfect brew, every time! 1: Gather what you’ll need: Moccamaster (we're using a 10 cup), 1x pack of filters for the size of Moccamaster you have, 60 grams of coffee, cold tap water. 2: Dampen the filter with tap water, discarding the excess then line the top of Moccamaster- it should fit perfectly if you have the right size. 3: Weigh out 60 grams of coffee beans. Grind for filter or ask your barista to. 4: Tip the coffee grinds into the filter paper. 5: Fill the clear tray with cold tap water to...

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