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Mojo Supplier Stories: Shoots Microgreens

Posted by Kim Boyd on

We’re proud to work with many local suppliers across the country who share the same philosophy and sustainability values as us here at Mojo Coffee. Shoots Microgreens are one of these businesses and one of New Zealand’s first urban farms. They are passionate about sustainable farming, minimising waste and producing high quality produce. Right in the heart of Wellington City you’ll find trays of hydroponically grown, delicious microgreens. To produce, seeds are placed into biodegradable grow mats which are made from recycled wool. These mats sit in trays which are recycled and reused with each new batch. The microgreens are grown in controlled environments under energy efficient lighting, with specific temperatures and built-in watering systems. They are incredibly flavoursome and...

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Spring is Here; So Are Our Delicious Vegetable Fritters.

Posted by Tay-Lann Mark on

Our kitchen is cooking up fresh and tasty eats for Spring. Try our new carrot, chickpea, & chilli fritter. Topped with hummus, roast mushroom, rosemary potato and sweet red onion. Served warm with a  dollop of  yoghurt. Gluten-free and can be dairy free too without the yogurt. Available in Wellington cafes starting October 4.

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